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Herbal Remedy for Male Sexual Problems

The Only Male Sex Improvement Pills Approved by Medical Doctors are Here!
Here are herbal remedies that really work in:

  • Higher energy level for BETTER sexual performance
  • HIGHER sexual desire, no matter how old you are
  • LONGER, THICKER erection to satisfy both you and your partner
  • Best orgasms that come with HIGHER energy and LONGER, BIGGER erection

Imagine you have sexual problems such as early ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, and you want to get herbal remedies. There is a chance that you will see a lot of bad presses about herbal remedies for male sexual problems. Of course, most of them come from doctors.

Any doctors will tell you that curing sexual dysfunction must use prescribed drugs. The reason: it is safer and proven for efficacy. You will not also get negative side effects from quackery drugs that are sold at various stores.

However, what if there are herbal remedies that really work? And what if those remedies work way better than prescribed drugs from the pharmacy?

Are There Really Good Herbal Solution for Sexual Dysfunction?

It turns out: yes, there is. Now, there are herbal remedies that go through clinical trial at laboratories, tested to both animals and humans. Many of them are proven for effectiveness and efficacy; they are free of side effects and made of synthetic ingredients for prescription drugs.

Moreover, the best part: these remedies cure the core problems! If you are looking for permanent solution, not just temporary, these herbal remedies can be your option.


VmenPlus, Herbal Remedies for
Sexual Dysfunction and Male

What are Advantages of VmenPlus over Other Similar Remedies for Sexual Dysfunction?

Unlike those fake herbal remedies with marketing gimmicks, VmenPlus really does work! These herbal male enhancement pills are different from other similar products because of the following advantages.

  • All ingredients are from natural, fresh herbal without negative side effects, as proven by a 5-star rating.
  • The formula aims for the core problems instead of just curing the symptoms. It receives 5 of 5 star-rating for this items.
  • The product is tested through 10 years of clinical experiments and trials to humans.
  • The product already got patents in the US and the lab trial has been replicated in various different labs; with similar GOOD results!
  • Good price for the quality with money back guarantee if the product does not work as advertised

VmenPlus manufacturer has just completed full clinical trial on human, and the results are positive. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy this product for your sexual dysfunction problem.

Actually, How Does the Product Work?

Don’t worry… There are no strange or questionable ingredients here. We only use fresh herbal ingredients that have natural benefits in increasing libido, relaxing muscles to help with bigger erection and acting as aphrodisiac.

Men are generally reluctant to use male enhancement pills due to the fear of negative effects brought about by chemical ingredients in the products. The case is different with VmenPlus, since it is made of natural ingredients such as oat straw and guarana, as well as other natural ingredients.

The combinations between herbal ingredients in VmenPlus work the following way:

Epidemium, rehmaniam and natural ingredients of Atinolite and nettle root power in VmenPlus works in the following ways:

  • Enhancing the function of men’s reproduction system
  • Improving men’s libido
  • Preventing early ejaculation
  • Stimulating harder erection by enhancing bloodstream circulation in the men’s organ area
  • The herbal medicine increases testosterone level in the men’s body and helps with erectile functioning
  • The product helps increasing nitric oxide level in muscle tissues of penis tubes, causing more relaxed muscles.
  • More relaxed tissues mean better flow of blood inside the penile artery.
  • Better blood flow and relaxed muscle tissues means bigger and longer erection.
  • Other herbal ingredients work by increasing stamina and sexual desire (aphrodisiac function), supporting the longer erection and create better performance in the bedroom.

Reasons to Buy VmenPlus

With age, men will show their testosterone level decreasing. This leads to the weakening of erectile function and sexual performance. If let untreated, this can affect the harmonious relationship between spouses.

This is what VmenPlus for. The product works to maintain the testosterone level in men’s body. This helps maintain the erectile function. It boosts men’s energy in a positive way by enhancing blood circulation in the penile area, helps in preventing premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. You will feel healthier and more energized.

It means, by using VmenPlus, you can get these benefits:

  • Better ability to penetrate your partner thanks to longer and thicker erection
  • Higher sexual desire and energy
  • Ability to control and maintain erection
  • Improved male libido due to enhanced bloodstream circulation in the organ area

All these are side effect-free! No matter how old you are, you must
try VmenPlus if you need a safe, natural and permanent remedy for
your erectile dysfunction and other sexual related problems!

How Long the Results Can Be Expected?

With more perfected formulation, you can expect to see the result after taking 30 to 90 capsules (results may vary between individuals). All you need is consuming 3 pills per day and feel the change day by day!

Do you want permanent result? Continue taking the pills especially after consuming it for 90 capsules. They will help you maintain your sexual performance without making you addicted.

And if you do not get the promised result before 67 days…send the package to us and we will return your money!

There are no side effects like
heart conditions, palpitations and perspiration…
all you need to do is consuming these capsules regularly
and getting permanent result…

Never let the sexual problems ruin the harmony of your relationship with your spouse. Every problem has its own medicine, and VmenPlus is what you need to prevent such a horrible thing.

Get better erection, better sexual performance and higher energy level…

Get all from the best herbal supplements VmenPlus…




Tri Active formula featured nitric oxide stimulators and our free testostterone release complex.


Our synergistic performance matrix features the higest potency ingredients in the world


No other product has the ability to make you as BIG as our level 3 formula.

Vmenplus Box1 500px

Experience a 74.4% mean increase in free testosterone production in only 12 days.


With a larger penis surface area you will experience more pleasure and sensations.


We offer a 100% no questioned asked money-back guarantee.

VmenPLUS Ingredients


L-Arginine is a key product which enables penis to increase its length. It is found in red meat and fish. It is also used to cure erectile dysfunction, male enhancement and male infertility.


Tribulus Terresitris is one of the most potent free testosterone-boosting ingredients in the market today. Free testosterone binds to increase the effects of the male hormone, including secondary male characteristics and sexual desire.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, AKA LongJack, Malaysian Ginseng, and Eurycoma Longifolia, is one of the most potent natural aphrodisiacs ever used in supplements. Tongkat Ali mimics the effects of erectile dysfunction drugs while increasing and sustaining libido to improve sexual endurance.

Maca Root

The natural hormone-balancing agent of VMENPLUS has been used for centuries as a way to improve the fertility of livestock. Recently, maca has been used to alleviate a multitude of sexual health problems in both men and women. Maca works by inhibiting key neurotransmitters prolactin and oxytocin to give the user full control over their sexual enjoyment and stimulation.


A fast-acting testosterone booster that is absorbed by the body in less than an hour. Muira Puama kick starts the formula into overdrive by making the body ready for the effects of the highly-potent VMENPLUS ingredients.


Horny Goat Weed is a powerful vasodilator that offers men the most powerful blood-flow enhancement on the market. It's one of the most potent herbs for increasing sex-drive, penis size, performance, and stamina, and is one of the main ingredients in VMENPLUS.